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Classic panettone sal de rice


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Classic panettone sal de rice

One of the best southern pastries was the first to bring great attention to southern leavened. Salvatore de rice in the state-of-the-art workshop of the leavened of everything Without the use of preservatives and hydrogenated fats.

Here we offer you the Milanese panettone stuffed withCandied orange peels, Australian sultana raisins and diamond cedar. In 2019 he received 1st place at the Artist edition of Panettone. A panettone that is not trivial, from connoisseurs.

N.B. This is a reservation. The shipment will take place the first week of December 2021



Campania, sunsets


Sal de rice Milanese Panettone


Slow with mother yeast

When we ship it We ship it 2 weeks before Christmas. Buy it in advance




Ingrediants: flour ofgrainType 0 and 00,butterFresh (13.80%), egg yolkseggFresh pasteurized (12,80%), water, sugar, natural yeast (gluten), Italian acacia honey, sea salt,milkpowdered, malt ofbarley, berries of Vanilla powder from the Bourbon and Tahiti islands.

Fillure: Australian sultanas raisins (grapes, vegetable oil) (13.10%), candied orange cubes (orange, white sugar, glucose syrup, water) (11.30%), diamond cedar (diamond cedar, white sugar, Glucose syrup, water) (7.10%), mandarins and chopped candies (mandarins and clementines, white sugar, glucose syrup, water) (1.20%).