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Coriander sausage


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Lucanic sausage at coriander

The queen of the sausage is certainly the sausage. We chose this bagged because we can guarantee you that meats are from the semi-crady state, that the spices used are sought and that the seasoning is very high Eliminating the use of any chemical preservative, dye, nitrites and nitrates.
The coriander variant is really to try Because the strong and spicy flavor that returns to the mouth is so balanced with the ingredients used which surprised us so that it has become unexpectedly one of the products more expensive. The salumificio is located on the slopes of Pollino National Park On the border with the Calabria. Piero, the manufacturing manager, is our guarantee. He knows every secret, from the feeding of pigs, to maturation of flesh until his transformation.



Basilicata, Castelluccio Inferiore


Sausage with coriander

Origin meat

Meat from semi-organ farms of one of the company members


250g c.a.


Pork, salt, coriander and sweet pepper IGP of senise in narrow gut