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Rustic sausage with fennel


Rustic sausage with fennel

For the manufacturer this is the queen of sausages, do you know why? Because that's what the peasant tradition consumed more, because it is the one most linked to the territory and therefore it is indelible in the memories of those who produce it. Meat cuts are all handmade and predict red meat selections like shoulder, bacon and caicometer. It is then mixed with Pepper of Senise IGP and hollow salt.
How to eat it? We prefer it to the knife but nothing prohibits, since oily, to insert it into a super ragù so that the stuffed can release all the fat it has inside.



Basilicata, Castelluccio Inferiore


Sweet rustic sausage at the fennel

Meat origin

Meat coming from local semi-organ farms


270g C.A.


Pork, salt, wild fennel, pepper puppy puppy pepper