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Canistered Lucano


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Lucano canistered cheese

The Lucan canister is a cheese present in all southern areas. This is why the shapes are made to dry in Giugo baskets.
It stands out from those produced in other areas of Italy for the presence, together with sheep, of a percentage of goat milk (80% sheep milk and goat milk 20%).
It is the latter who gives to the cheese a certain delicacy and above all a Sweet medical grass fragrance.

It consumes the knife and is not grated.

It's a Hard and compact cheese, Increased straw yellow color for the presence of goat's milk and variable depending on the seasoning.
The taste is characteristic, intense.

It goes well with red wines, and you can enjoy themselves with scented honey, Pear jams And apples, with blank pasta and corleto homemade bread.

The canestrate also suits a variety of being able to use it as a filling Inside pork rolls which can then be roasted or baked.



Basilicata, Gorgoglione


Lucano canistered cheese


Metering of a minimum 2 months


600g - 1,2kg - full shape 2.5kg

Gastronomic combination

With an Aglianico wine or with honey on


Sheep milk, goat, rennet and salt


Delicate fragrances with grazing hints