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Prova i nostri legumi

Organic salt capers


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 Igp saline biological capers Slow Food Presidium

The capers are present throughout the Mediterranean cuisine and is presented in the form of shrub. Particularly grows very well in Sicily and Salina, a Sicilian island, where it was one of the Economic engines training Before the advent of tourism.

The peculiarity of Salina caper is its compactness and the fact that in salt can be consumed even after 2 years.

There production is completely in biological without the use of pesticides and the collection it happens from May to August every 8-10 days strictly by hand. Subsequently it is made to dry for 1 week on jute sheets and then salty.
Excellent throughout the Mediterranean cuisine from fish to meat.



Leni Salina, Sicily


Saline hats to marine salt from organic farming


Organic product and Slow Food Presidium




Capers and sea salt