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Caprino Lucano


Weathered Lucan goat cheese

Great Organoleptic and nutritional value The goat cheese is one of those products that is realized throughout Italy. There Difference makes it pasture And what the flock eats daily. In addition to this much depends on the seasoning that can last from a few days a few months. Usually the dairies that we frequent transform goat's milk or tomes or in cheeses that reach a maximum of 6 months of seasoning.
We propose one of the company products Gorgoglione violet Where Antonietta wisely transforms the goat milk standing whenever attentive to every passage and taking care of the whole process.
The cheese in question is consumed to the knife and it is not preferable to grate it.

To enjoy it at best we can combine it to a Definitely decided honey Like a millefiori.



Basilicata, Gorgoglione


Lucan weathered goat cheese


Minimum seasoning of 2 months


650g - 1.5kg - 3kg Full form

How to consume it

Great to eat at the knife before lunch or dinner


Goat's milk, rennet and salt