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Cetara dolphin alici crolature 100ml


Cetara's alleys casting

Requested by Starred chef and authentic gourmet, La Cetara's alleys casting has become a small luxury On our tables. But its history has no native natives, it was in fact used in difficult times on fishermen's tables as an alternative condiment for pasta when fish or shellfish were not available. Today, however, this "Cinderella" It is one of the most sought after slow food safes not only as a condiment for one "Pasta poor" But to enrich taste and flavor, first courses, fish dishes or vegetables. Now you just have to trigger your imagination in the kitchen, with a single recommendation: be parsimonious with salt because the one brings it!



Campania, Cetara


Cetara's alleys casting


Product matured in wood fertilizers



How to consume it

Excellent with spaghetti, garlic and parsley


Anchovy extract, salt