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Prova i nostri legumi

Cetara 1 liter alleys


Cheering of alici dolphin 1 liter

The pouring of anchovies It is a very ancient origins sauce, it would derive from the "Garum", a condiment used by the ancient Romans to flavor dishes. But it is only thanks to the Cistercian monks that the recipe has been handed down to the present day.
The production of this salsa is particularly complex above all For processing times. In fact, several months are needed before the liquid can be bottled from the characteristic flavor and about thirty kilos of anchovies to produce a single liter.
The main ingredients are obviously the alles that are arranged, once private of the head and of the interior, with alternate layers with the other fundamental element for the realization of the casting, salt.
But it's in "Terzigno", a barrel of oak or chestnut that takes place the true magic of this sauce. The anchovies and salt are subjected to pressure thanks to the aid of stones placed above the barrel lids and left to mature.
With the passage of time the pressure of the weights brings the amber liquid to the surface which at this point can be collected and bottled in large glass containers, where the maturation exposed to sunlight continues for several months. The last step is the re-entry of the liquid in the barrels containing the anchovies and is only at this point that will be cast through special holes on the bottom of the same.
At this point it can be permanently bottled, after being filtered, but we will still have to wait until eighteen months before seasoning our dishes.



Campania, Cetara


Cetara's alleys casting


Preserve ittic


1 litre

How to use it

With spaghetti, parsley and garlic


Anchovy extract, salt