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Tender biological goat cheese


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Tender biological goat

A goat cheese tender biological telling goats raised on the Pollino In the same company in which it is produced and transformed milk. It is worked at raw milk (at most it reaches 39 ° corresponding to the goat's body temperature) and seasoned for about 40 days. Thus a cheese full of vitamins and mineral salts is obtained. Goats are raised with great attention to their state of health and well-being, and graze in the grounds of the Pollino who are rich in biodiversity.
It goes well with sweet flavors such as those of Honey or jams, excellent to pieces even in salads. Finally we remember that it is considered a Skinny high power sizing cheese. And then, if you don't want to want better than the taste.



Basilicata, San Paolo Albanese


Biological soft goat cheese


Minimum seasoning of 40 days


600g - 1,2kg

Gastronomic combination

Excellent as an appetizer or salads


Goat milk, rennet and salt

Origin of milk Corporate milk