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Lucano herbal cheese


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Lucano herbal cheese

The herbal cheese is an artisanal product that provides for the development of molds by giving an intriguing and intense taste.
The Lucan herbal is produced with goat milk and the Penicillium Roqueforti .
It has a white color with the most popular blue-green patch Roquefort or Danish Blue
Has one Minimum seasoning of 2 months. The product externally is enveloped by the lives leaves that maintain a right humidity to the product. Entirely it comes with a pasta tending to straw yellow due to maturation with the homogeneous molds Throughout form.
The nose stands out the scent of mold while in the mouth literally melts. The goat milk, less fat than the vaccine usually used, makes this cheese of a creaminess and a unique consistency. A truly artisan product that follows its slow seasoning times.



Basilicata, Gorgoglione


Lucano herbal cheese


Minimum seasoning 2 months


500g - 1kg - 2kg


Goat's milk, rennet, salt and penicillium Roqueforti

How to consume it


Milk origin

Corporate and non-corporate