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Prova i nostri legumi

Tender organic pollino ovices


Tender metropper cheese

The ingredients used for this cheese (Raw goat and sheep's milk) are certified by organic farming of the company Tosa based in San Paolo Albanese On Pollino in Basilicata.

Characteristic taste of ovine milk cheese lightened by goat's milk that adds digestibility, consistency and perfume.
If you add the uniqueness of the Pollino biodiversity rich pastures We get a product that you will hardly find in industrial products.

Tender towel cheese has one Maturing of about 3 months.

Combine it honey It is a certainly successful idea.



Basilicata, San Paolo Albanese


Organic metrestrino cheese


Minimum seasoning of 3months


500g - 1kg - full shape 2.5kg

Gastronomic combination

Great as an appetizer with honey


50% sheep milk and goat milk 50%


Pasture animals treated with homeopathy