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Buratted flour Milled in stone


Tumbled Flour Milled in Sicilian Stone

Duric wheat flour of Sicily Molito in natural stone tuminia integral Ideal for Castelvetrano bread.
The choice of Sudrise to support  Ancient grains and of Natural stone mills To store all the properties. Dark-colored, rich in aromatic notes, soft suitable for the preparation of Bread, pizza and bakery products
The passage into the bowler allows to obtain a product that is not really integral (given that much of the carioxide is removed with the first passage of taping). However, the result is not a very refined flour, indeed it has important granules that can classify the flour as type 2. Generally, the bakery products obtained from puppet flour retain, from cooked, greater hydration.



Sicily, Castelvetrano


Tumbled flour milled in natural stone Type 2

Grain origin

Sicily, Grain Tumminia


1kg and 5kg

How to use it

Excellent to make homemade bread