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Alta Murgia almonds


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Alta Murgia almonds

The almonds they are a true elixir, full of virtues and precious for the Health and beauty. Here we offer special almonds, high murgia in Puglia, natural and with the peel, from buy online And receive directly at your home. We only remind you that help protect the cardio-vascular system, reinforce bones, hair, nails and teeth, they help the immune system and are against anemia, finally they are energy and therefore also recommended to those who do sports. L'High murgia(National Park) extends for about 68 thousand hectares on the highest part of the Murge plateau in Puglia. L'protected natural area It is regulated by rules that aim to protect and conservation of cultivation, flora, animals, landscape and the particular ecosystem that characterizes it. The almond It adapted well to the poor and rocky land of Murgia. This tree is precious not only for its seeds rich in vitamins and proteins but also for the leaves that make up an excellent food for sheep.
The crowds and shells also if burned become an excellent natural fertilizer.



Puglia, Altamura


Alta Murgia almonds

How to use it

In peeled kitchen or as a snack