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Prova i nostri legumi

Honey of Millefiori Organic Vaccaro


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Millefiori organic honey

Millefiori honey is certainly the most common one of all my hips due to the fact that the bees make more prolific flowers' booty in the spring season without giving a standard characteristics to honey. Usually has a light yellow or straw yellow. Its smell is Lightweight, not persistent. The flavor is definitely different from the predominant type of flower of the area where the Arnia is inserted. His crystallization is very slow. The best pairings are certainly with medium-aged cheeses so as to enhance the cheese properties and do not overwhelm their taste. The Moliterno canister can be a valid pairing.



Basilicata, Nomadic Beekeeping


Organic honey Lucano Vaccaro


Organic, winner 3 drops Biomiel



How to use it

In the kitchen for sweets, herbal teas, tea and cheese