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Cookies with cinnamon and orange aromas

The Mincedde (the name comes from the shape of small tits) are cooked in the small wood oven Ivan di Bread and sugar.
What is one of the most important indicators of the genuineness of a product? The number of its ingredients.
Antique grain flour, sugar, butter and eggs. Like at home. And for aromas and flavors they add cinnamon, orange peel, hazelnuts. Finally a pinch of bicarbonate.
The grains used to make these sweet cookies are theSoliBam tender and the rim cultivated in respect of nature and Moliti in the stone mill of theMount Frumentaria Terra di Resilience.
You will not feel flavors and smells of industrial biscuits, but the real, authentic ones, who tell the earth and love for it.



Athena Lucana, Campania


Mincedde bread and sugar

Grain origin

Company grain of the bread and sugar company




Solibam tender wheat, tender wheat rim, sugar, butter, eggs, cinnamon 0.5%, orange peel 0.5%, hazelnuts, bicarbonate

How they are

Very friable, tender with a scent of cinnamon and orange