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Panettone figs and walnuts


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Panettone figs and walnuts

THE figs they are those of Cilento, Campania and the walnuts those of Sorrento coast. The De Vivo Pasticceria wanted with this product to realize a Leaving with only typical bells products. The leavening is 36 hours. Inside it is soft, moist and in the mouth it is light.

N.B. This is a reservation. Orders will start the first week of December



Campania, Pompeii


Panettone figs and walnuts


Wheat flour type 00, butter, white candied figs, egg yolk, sugar, mother yeast, orange pasta, Italian honey, sorrento nuts, barley malt, salt, vanilla berries. Cover: dark chocolate 61% (soy lecithin), sorrento nuts, candied white figs, peanut oil, anhydrous butter.



How to taste it

Keep it near a heat source for 20 minutes