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Dove Calciano Pear and chocolate


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Lucanian craft dove calciano pear and chocolate

Artisan product from One of the best Italian pastries, the dove pears and chocolate is certainly a must for Easter.
The Calciano pastry is one of the Poco in Basilicata to use ingredients of excellence Following a slow leavening of leavened.

The external appearance is presented swollen and well-rising, internally it is yellow on With excellent homogeneous filling.

To the flavor does not disappoint, with one Elastic and soft pasta. Well balanced the flavors. To try!

Shipping starting from 1 April




Basilicata, Tricarico


Pear and chocolate dove with cream icing, dark chocolate and Caribbean Rhum


Artisan product present in the best rankings in Italy




Wheat flour, candied pears, dark chocolate, butter, sugar, fresh egg yolks, natural mother yeast, orange paste, malt honey, salt, natural vanilla pods madagascar