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Calabrian Chilly

With its unmistakable scent and aroma, Calabrian chili pepper stands out as one of the most well-known and widely used spices in Italian cuisine and tradition. Many recipes and dishes, famous and typical of certain regions, cannot be successfully completed without this ingredient. It is truly an essential ingredient that should always be present among the spices in your kitchen. Discover our selection of Calabrian chili peppers and choose the most suitable spicy Calabrian chili for preparing your dishes.

Calabrian chili pepper: spicy and of high quality
In our selection of Calabrian chili peppers, you can find crushed spicy Calabrian chili, powder, whole peppers, or you can try the fantastic chili pepper cream or opt for bruised Calabrian chili. The Diavolicchi and Chili Peppers in extra virgin olive oil are also excellent choices. Quality, taste, and the right level of spiciness are guaranteed in every product we offer. Find the perfect Calabrian chili pepper to create your recipes.
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