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Lucanian Biscuits

Among the many typical products of Basilicata, Lucanian biscuits boast unique and inviting flavors that fully reflect the culinary tradition of the region. Perfect for any time of the day, these biscuits complement every snack, whether enjoyed alone or in company, accompanied by coffee or another beverage. They are the perfect sweet treat for any occasion.

Lucanian Traditional Biscuits

Discover the authentic Lucanian biscuits: artisanally made according to tradition, they will delight you with their unique and exquisite flavors. The use of high-quality flours and ingredients, combined with the careful preservation of a recipe passed down through generations, allows us to bring the flavors of the past to the present. These flavors are characteristic of the region and beloved by every Italian. Browse our store and choose from the Fennel Biscuits, the Lemon and Pistachio cookies from Stigliano, or the Minnaredde and Cuchis biscuits. Many other typical biscuits and sweets from the region await you, ready to add sweetness to every moment of your day.
Fennel biscuits
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