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Prova i nostri legumi
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There Basilicata It can boast, among its branded products Ia.g. (Protected Geographical Indication), I Senise peppers. Once collected, the peppers are inserted from the petiole one after another, with needle and thread, by hand, in "soil"As they were necklaces, and hanging for drying. In the kitchen, and in our selection, you can find them, as well as natural, even, as ever more often appreciated, in the form of Peppers cruschi (that is fried For a few seconds in EVO oil, let yourself cool for a few minutes, and finally savory and ready to be enjoyed). They are called cruschi because they are crunchy (if done well). Senise peppers, to be able to use the IGP brand, they must be produced in strict compliance with the production disciplinary.
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Armentese pesto
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