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Peperoni Cruschi

Basilicata boasts among its products with the I.G.P. (Protected Geographical Indication) label, the Peperoni di Senise (Senise Peppers). Once harvested, the peppers are individually threaded by hand, one after another, through the stem, and hung in "serte" (strings), like necklaces, for drying. In our selection, you can find these peppers not only in their natural form but also increasingly appreciated as Peperoni Cruschi. The Peperoni Cruschi are briefly fried in extra virgin olive oil, allowed to cool for a few minutes, and then salted, ready to be enjoyed. They are called "cruschi" because they are crispy when properly made. To be labeled as I.G.P., the Peperoni di Senise must be produced in strict compliance with the production regulations.

Peperoni Cruschi: How to pair them
Peperoni Cruschi from Basilicata are a precious ingredient in traditional Lucanian cuisine. They can be paired with a wide variety of cheeses, both aged and fresh, adding a delightful and distinctive flavor to your dishes. Perfect for the preparation of soups, pasta dishes, and main courses, the Crusco pepper is also beloved in salads. Discover our selection of Peperoni Cruschi and Lucanian peppers, as this ingredient will bring a refined and exquisite taste to your recipes.

Lucanian Peppers: 100% Italian and I.G.P. certified
Lucanian Peppers from Senise are a typical product of Basilicata with the I.G.P. label, and they can be enjoyed in numerous traditional Lucanian dishes. Their 100% Italian origin and meticulous, careful processing following the true Lucanian tradition make them particularly delicious and flavorful in all their variations. In our selection, you can find Lucanian peppers in their natural form or prepared in extra virgin olive oil, ready to be savored. Not to be missed are the Peperoni Cruschi, as they are called in the Lucanian dialect, known for their characteristic crunchiness obtained after frying in hot oil.
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