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Dried peppers


Dried senise peppers

Let's now clear that the label cannot bring the words back Pepper of Senise IGP Because the relative production specification does not provide for Senise IGP pepper being sold In packs of 100g. However, it is the same product, packaged differently and more suitable for those who wanted to try it or those who do not provide for a frequent use, and ready to become crux. Senise IGP pepper is unique and inimitable is known in its crunchy variant and fried commonly called Crusco.
A curiosity: peppers Lucanian cruses are at No. 1 among the most mentioned typical dishes and products In the restaurant reviews of Italy. In the'item of our blog Find the deepening of curiosity.



Basilicata, Senise


Dried Lucan peppers

How to cook them

Fried to make them crunchy



How to use them

The peppers cruel uses them as snacks, on the pastas, on each dish to give a crispy touch

Corporate video

How to fry the peppers