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Prova i nostri legumi

Dove bow berries


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Dove pulls to the berries and cream

The dove ai Berries and vanilla cream It is the new taste of Vincenzo Tiri. As per tradition this leavened has 3 stages of dough and 72 hours of processing. A very old mother yeast that is refreshed daily to give rise to a great leavened.

A product whose aesthetic beauty is only exceeded by its sublime taste. The best fruits of Bosco Lucani and then candy "at home" and unite them to a delicious vanilla ganache that covers the dessert.
Simply a show for the eyes and the palate.




Basilicata, Acerenza


Dove pulls to the gianduia

When we ship

We acquire orders in advance and we ship 15 days before Easter




wheat flour, 30% berries (red currant, black currant, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, glucose syrup, sugar, lemon juice),butter, sugar,fresh egg yolks,Natural mother yeast (wheat), White chocolate(sugar,milkWhole powder, cocoa butter,milkskimmed powder, emulsifier: Lecithin ofsoy, natural vanilla aroma), orange paste (orange rind, glucose syrup, sugar), honey, malt, salt, natural vanilla berries of Madagascar.

How to taste it

Bring it for 20 min to a heat source