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Sibari Carnaroli rice


Sibari Carnaroli rice

Carnaroli is a superfine rice with Big and long 7 mm grain about, elongated form.
It maintains consistency even after cooking. Lends itself well for the Preparation of typical land and sea risottos Not very mounded but more grainy. Indicated for the same reasons for rice salads. It is produced in the plain of Sibari in Calabria, between sea and mountain and is this Perfect microclimate that makes Calabrese rice really great And sometimes higher even to the most renowned Piedmontese ones.



Calabria, sibari


Sibari Carnaroli rice


Cultivated, collected and transformed by the same company



How to use it

Sea and earth risottos

Why is it good?

Because of the particular microclimate that exists in Calabria where it is cultivated