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Prova i nostri legumi

Taste of cheeses


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Mix of Lucan Cheese

The Seasoned goat and tender goat they are produced by a very special company, Tosa Cheese, based in San Paolo Albanese on Mount Pollino In Basilicata.
Here we also find the pastures where the crude of the Troiano brothers go to feed themselves, characterized by an altitude that goes from 450 to over 1000 m. slim., Immersed in the territory of the Pollino National Park.
Caprini cheeses are produced by biological agriculture (certified by bioagriccert in Bologna). The difference in smells and flavors makes the biodiversity of pastures that makes the cheeses proposed unique.

The Moliterno PGI Canister It is among the most famous and renowned cheeses of Basilicata. It is produced by mixed milk of sheep and goat, particularly widespread in the areas of transhumance precisely because it is made along the ancient paths of the flocks. Seasoning, to disciplinary, must take place in Found and Moliterno. It is treated with olive oil or wine vinegar, or with soot water.
The crust is Hard and wrinkled and reports the typical rippers of the baskets (containers built with vegetable material: the rush). The color is Straw yellow tending to brown or reddish with the overcoming of the seasoning.

The Pecorino di FILIANO DOPIt is produced with wild sheep milk, must at least season 180 days in tuff caves or underground local details.
Featuring a decidedly intense flavor and aroma. From the twentieth day the pieces can be treated on the surface with olive oil and wine vinegar. There Crusta is hard , even this rigata like the Canestrated, the color is straw load Or brown even depending on the seasoning. There Pasta instead is grainy and friable, Color variable from white to strawhead according to seasoning. The eyewook is fine And distributed irregularly.



Basilicata, San Paolo Albanese, Moliterno and Forenza


Tasting of Lucan Cheese


500g of weathered goat, 500g of soft goat, 500 of Moliterno Canestrato IGP and 500g of Spread Pecorino DOP



Gastronomic combination

With a full-bodied wine like the Aglianico del Vulture or as an appetizer


Goat's milk, sheep, rennet and salt