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Aged Goat Cheese from Lagonegro


Aged Goat Cheese from Lagonegro

The aged goat cheese is produced at the foot of Mount Sirino near Lagonegro, a picturesque town located in the Basilicata region. This cheese is made exclusively from the farm's milk, obtained from animals raised in a traditional and sustainable manner.

The goats, around 250 in number, graze freely from March to October in the lush hills surrounding Lagonegro. This extended grazing period allows the animals to feed on a variety of herbs and wild plants, imparting unique and distinctive characteristics to the milk, which are reflected in the final cheese.

The cheese is distinguished by its rich and complex flavor, with aromatic notes reminiscent of the flowers and herbs the goats feed on during grazing. The texture is solid yet creamy, thanks to an aging process that can vary from six months to over a year.



Basilicata, Lagonegro


Aged Goat Cheese from Lagonegro


Aged minimum 40 days


900g and 1,8kg c.a.


Goat's milk, rennet and salt

Milk origin Italy