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Mountain garlic


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Lucano mountain garlic

Product that may never be missing in the Mediterranean cuisine. There most of garlic present on the Italian market is of Chinese origin that certainly do not cultivate it as an Angelica on the Lucanian mountains to beautiful In the province of Potenza.

The cultivated garlic has a strong and pervasive perfume but in the kitchen it is very delicate. The big difference as all the products is certainly the microclimate and the ground in which it is cultivated, this helps to have an influence on the aroma and its nuances.
Positive note of the company from which we take the garlic is certainly the fact that they are of the Custodian farmers Defending the human, environmental and gastronomic heritage of these places.



Basilicata, beautiful


 mountain garlic from Basilicata region

Garlic origin

Italy 100%


100g in cardboard

How to consume it In all Mediterranean cuisine