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Oranges Tarocco


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Tarocco Oranges from Scanzano

Orange mature with cold in fact, you can find it on the market starting only from mid-January. Known everywhere for their "Sanguine" color inside of. They appear with a thin and smooth skin, the taste are more harsh than the navel. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

How is the shipment take place?

We collect orders throughout the week and enter them to Pasquale that it collects Saturday and Sunday for us. The product is sent to your home in 2 working days at most

N.B. Shipments will start from Monday 17th January 2022



Basilicata, Scanzano


Tarocco oranges


Fresh product from natural cultivations with hedible peel without residues


16-17kg C.A.


It takes place every Monday. The product is collected on Saturday and Sunday