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Prova i nostri legumi

Organic balsamic


Balsamic biological mix based on honey

Excellent quality balsamic product, biological, artisan, produced in the Pollino National Parkin Viggianello, in a territory on the border between the Basilicata and Calabria.

The manufacturer is "Serra beekeeping of the priest"pluri-emiapied for its honey, gold medal At the 12th International Competition for Best Organic Honey "Biomiel 2019".

The balsamic product is a preparation based onMillefiori honey enriched with Hydroalcoholic tincture of propolis, essential oil of mint and essential oil of biological eucalyptus. It is particularly suitable as cough sedant and, used daily, helps prevent cooling diseases.
A tip for use as a sweetener in hot drinks or milk: do not add it when drinks are hot, but wait for a drinkable temperature to return. The temperature too high takes away from the honey most of its beneficial properties.



Basilicata, Viggianello


Organic balsamic Pollino preparation


Serra beekeeping of the priestplurificial for its honey




Millefiori honey, hydroalcolic dye of propolis, mint essential oil, biological eucalyptus essential oil

How to consume it

Excellent for breakfast or as sweetener of hot drinks