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Caciocavallo Seasoned Podolico Avellinese


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Caciocavallo Seasoned Podolico Avellinese

The caciocavallo podolico is the king of southern cheeses produced by the native breeds living in the wild.

There seasoning of this caciocavallo takes place in tuff caves

It's a cheese semi-to-half filate pasta. Product with raw podolic breed vaccine.

It has a thin, smooth crust, covered with white mold due to the cave maturing. Has one homogeneous pasta internally, compact with very slightly sugar with a more loaded yellow color outside towards the center.
Fragrances of pasture and stain. The flavor is aromatic, spicy



Zungoli, Campania


Caciocavallo Podolico Avellinese Weathered


Minimum seasoning of 8 months up to 16 months


750g - Former shape1.5kg


Cow's milk, rennet and salt