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Caciocavallo Tender podolico


Caciocavallo Podolico Lucano Tender

The company Agricultural pessolanes, for decades specialized in dairy production, offers us the possibility of tasting a cheese from the singular Gustative force and complexity of perfumes that differ deeply from everyone else to which it might resemble by form: the Caciocavallo Podolico
There are several factors that contribute to the creation of the unique flavors of this "piece of history" Lucana, first of all the choice of raw materials. Milk and natural rennet, in fact, are decisive in the production process of caciocavallo which must, among other things, the name precisely to the type of cattle from which milk is Munta.
Cows of podolic breed living brado Needing that vegetation typical of the Lucan pastures that will influence the character. The other factors that contribute to the creation of this excellence are: the mastery of the casaries whose expert hands is entrusted with the task of transformation through the secular spinning technique, the only one able to guarantee the preservation of cheeses obtained from whole vaccine milk and the Aging period, which happens within Tufo caves Where the presence of particular yeasts and mushrooms will be fundamental for seasoning (which will have been varied for a few months to a few years) and for the development of the typical organoleptic properties of this noble cheese. For aged caciocavallers 6 months yes advise Pairing with white wines Like the Greek of Tufa or the Fiano of Avellino while for those aged 2 or 3 years a Structured wines Like the Aglianico del Vulture.
To be served preferably at room temperature.



Basilicata, Abriola


Caciocavallo Podolico Lucano Tender


Minimum seasoning 2 months up to 8 months


500g - 1kg - full shape 2kg

Gastronomic combination

Medium body wine


Podolic vaccine milk, rennet and salt