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Caciocavallo Tender Podolico Avellinese


Caciocavallo Podolico Avellinese Tender

Caciocavallo is a spot pasta cheese produced throughout the south. The peculiarity lies in the milk produced by cows that live in the wild.
The seasoning takes place in tuff caves. Externally comes with classic noble mold coloring taken inside the tuff cave. Internally it has a straw yellow color Which is attenuated from outside inward.
Has one Lightwook. There Pasta is compact, tough. In the mouth it has a complexity of flavors due to the pasture of cows. Great if accompanied by a honey that does not cover the taste like that of Acacia or on the.



Zungoli, Campania


Caciocavallo Podolico Avellinese Tender


Minimum seasoning of 3 months up to 8 months


800g - Former shape1.6kg


Cow's milk, rennet and salt