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Moliterno PGI Canister


Canestrated Pecorino di Moliterno IGP

Lucan cheese produced according to a detailed disciplinary. The sheep and goats must be bred in a precise area of ​​the Basilicata and predominantly to the pasture. Any food integrations prohibit the use of derivative products of animal and silage origin but are allowed only and exclusively cereal grains such as oats, barley, wheat, corn and leguminous ones such as Favino, Favino and Cece.
The milk used cannot be less than 70% for that of sheep and 10% for the goat one. Generally a 70% and 30% proportion is preferred.
While drying can be carried out at the processing company and lasts from thirty to forty days from the mass, the seasoning must take place exclusively in Found us of the area traditionally voked or in the administrative territory of the Municipality of Milletern (Power).

Depending on seasoning, we can find:
theprimitive, product having seasoned up to 6 months;
the seasoned, having seasoned over 6 months and up to 12;
L'extra, with seasoning that goes over 12 months.

A seasoning less than 6 months is not permitted.
The color is typical of a pecorino cheese With a well-defined crust and pasta which, from the outside inward, changes color gradation.
To the Nose is pungent.

The Moliterno PGI Canisterlends itself optimally to be enjoyed astable cheeseorgrater.

Each production lot is characterized by a flavor that is not always the same: this is due to the variability of pastures with reference to the area of ​​origin and the season. The variability of the pastures donates different colors and fragrances to cheese every time.



Basilicata, Moliterno


Canestrated Moliternite Pecorino


6-month minimum seasoning


800g - 1,6kg - Former shape3.3kg

Gastronomic combination

With a full-bodied wine like the Aglianico del Vulture


80% sheep milk, goat 20%