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Prova i nostri legumi

Pollino shiny capocollo


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Capocollo Lucano from semi-organized farms

It all starts from the flesh. THE pigs They are bred by a member of the production company. The bosses live in the semi-crady state and above all sizes are very large Compared to the average. Pork arrives at full ripening in this case with an excellent balance between fat and lean.
To this then follows the processing of the meat and the ingredients used are very high choice. Capicollo or Capocollo has a seasoning ranging from 6 to 10 months. Long and slow maturation that does not need to use the use of Nitrates and nitrites And of any preservative.
The finely cut capocollo is usually consumed with Appetizers. It has very ancient origins, it is believed that already in Magna Greece this bagged produced in today's Lucania and Calabria.



Basilicata, Castelluccio Inferiore


Weathered Lucan capicollo


6-month minimum seasoning



Gastronomic combination

Excellent as an aperitif or aperitif


Pork meat (part of the back of the neck), salt and pepper in grains