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Prova i nostri legumi

Gift basket


Gift basket

Our gifts baskets are born for the idea of ​​recycling the packaging that is sometimes thrown and not reused. From this negative side of we tried to create something unique and can be used even later.
Thus our baskets are born that besides keeping our selections inside become real Pictures to hang. The drawings have been entrusted to the cartoonist international Luigi Critone That every year gives us a landscape, a country in our region.

The measurements of the baskets are 3:

  1. 39x30x12 - Excellent to contain 1 bottle of wine and 4-5 products
  2. 39x25x19 - It is recommended to enter 1 panettone + 10-12 products at most
  3. 43x35x27 - It is recommended to enter 1 panettone + 15-18 products at most

We prefer the composition we prefer that the facade.

How to make the basket
  1. Choose the basket you like best being attentive to size
  2. Add to cart everything you want
  3. Write us if it's a gift and if we have to write something special
  4. All packages are sent in anonymous cartoons