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Dove Calciano Lemon Amarena and Pistachio


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Dove Calciano Lemon Amarena and Pistachio

Handmade product Lucano produced with excellent raw materials. The pistachio used is of their pistucrato.

The Fratelli Calciano pastry shop It is one of the best in Basilicata and Italy. Beware of ingredients, the dove is a product not to be missed.

Well leavened externally it opens yellow on inside. The balanced filling inside It should be heard in the mouth all the flavors of the various ingredients.

Shipping starting from 1 April



Basilicata, Tricarico


Pistachio dove, lemon and cherry with white chocolate glaze and pistachio grain


Artisan product, highly appreciated by the criticism of the workers




Wheat flour, lemon peel, cherry and pistachio cremino cubes, butter, sugar, fresh egg yolks, natural mother yeast, orange paste, malt honey, salt, natural vanilla Madagascar.