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CAROSELLA tender wheat flour


CAROSELLA tender wheat flour

The Grain Carosella It is characterized by small and elongated, light, golden looks with orange shades.
Antique tender grain cultivated in the low Basilicata It is in the Cilento.
There flour carousel It has been traditionally used to make sweets and biscuits, bread and homemade pasta.

We offer you the carousel flour produced by Mill of Antonio Arleo.
We went to see him in Castronuovo Sant'Andrea, we visited the neighbors (altitude upper than 900 meters) where the wheat is grown, breathed the air of the Pollino National ParkWe let ourselves tell the story of the mill, flour and farmers.



Basilicata, Castronuovo di S.Andrea


CAROSELLA tender wheat flour

Grain origin

Farms at a radius of 30km Massimo from Castronuovo


1kg and 5kg

How to use

Product for sweets, biscuits and in some cases for bakery


Cylinder mill


Flour type 0

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