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Prova i nostri legumi

Round beans of Round DOP


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Round DOP beans

Surely the peculiarity of this bean is the almost absence of peel that makes it one of the beans More digestible.
It grows in a particular area of ​​the Basilicata between mountains and hills where it is easy to find countless sources and tributaried water courses of the Mercure. This microclimate lends itself well to the cultivation of the round bean. The cultivation in the mountains allows the maturation of the bean with a certain slowness.

This legume is characterized by a striped light yellow pod and an oval seed, white without mottling.
There collection is between September and October.
The percentage of protein On this legume is of the 27% On the dry substance and fits between the legumes with higher quantity of vegetable protein.

How to cook it?
The white bean lends itself well with salads with crux pepper powder.



Basilicata, roundabout


Round DOP beans

Bean peel

Almost non-existent, light and easy to digestibility



How to cook it

Previous soaking, with cold salads or mixed pasta

Where it is cultivated

South of Basilicata at Rotonda inside the Pollino National Park