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Prova i nostri legumi

Queen Phaseola beans

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Sarconi queen ciuoto beans

The queen or encouraged bean of Sarconi IGP It is the best one because of his name.

It is said that it was the most appreciated variety from the Queen during the Bourbon Kingdom but another story says that being the most common bean in Sarconi was called "Ciuoto" or foolish and for its ductility in the kitchen.

It has a small small ovoid shape with red maths, vinaceous. After cooking the peel is almost non-existent. It is part of the Ecotypes Borlotto. Indicated for The bean paste.



Basilicata, Sarconi


Queen or Ciuoto sarcon beans

Where it is cultivated

In Sarconi in a small municipality Lucano with great thermal excursion


250g - 500g

How to cook it

Excellent with pasta and beans