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Iermana rye flour


Rye flour Irerman Lucana

The rye is a Cereal widely used in the north Italy because it fits better to colder climates. In Basilicata, in the Pollino National Park, we find some producer of rye Iermana and Antonio, the miller, guardian of these biodiversity grinds this seed.
Rye flour is Rich in mineral salts, fibers and has a high intake of vitamins. The high amount of fiber helps intestinal health by adjusting the appetite and modulating blood sugar. Has a Low Gluten Indexwhich makes it a little elastic flour and above all Difficult to work.

How do you use?
For baked goods but you have to be attentive to leavening because it has a very low gluten index. It also absorbs a lot more water than a classic semolina.



Basilicata, Castronuovo di San Andrea


Iermana rye flour

Rye origin

At 30km of ray from the mill


1kg and 5kg

How to use it

For bakery being careful because it has little gluten

Type of mill


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