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Forenza's Pecorino


Forenza's Pecorino

Pecorino made by one of the companies that has most successfully preserved the traditional dairy flavors of Lucania over the years. We know the Caggiano Summo company from Forenza because it produces the Pecorino di Filiano PDO.

The flock grazes for eight months of the year, and it is a raw milk cheese. It has a minimum aging period of three months, which can extend up to twelve months.

It is immediately recognizable by its compact texture and pale yellow color, which becomes more intense with longer aging. The rind is hard and golden, often treated with olive oil to improve preservation. On the palate, it stands out for its bold and robust flavor, with notes of aromatic herbs and hints of pasture. The taste becomes more complex and spicier with extended aging.



Basilicata, Forenza


Pecorino di FILIANO DOP

How to present

Yellow hazelnut externally, fine crust, grainy and buttered inside


500g, 1kg, 1/2 shape, whole form


Sheep milk, rennet and salt

How to combine it

Millefiori honey