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Abriola Sheep Cheese


Abriola Sheep Cheese

Semi-aged sheep cheese by Vincenzo from Abriola, in the province of Potenza. The sheep are always grazing except for a few winter months. This cheese is strictly made from raw milk, capturing all the scents of the Val Camastra, from the alfalfa to the clover.

Aged in a cave, it has a white rind due to the aging molds. The cheese has minimal eyes and a hazelnut-colored crust. It has a fresh aroma and a soft texture, with all the scents detected on the nose. It is excellent as an appetizer, accompanied by a good glass of local wine.



Basilicata, Abriola


Sheep Cheese

Milk Source

From the farm, made from raw milk


Approximately 650g (half wheel: approximately 1.3kg, full wheel: approximately 2.6kg)


Sheep milk, rennet, and salt


Minimum 4 months

How to enjoy

Slice with a knife