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Prova i nostri legumi

Organic citrus honey


Honey of organic citrus fruit Serra del Prete

Citrus honey is presented white, clear. The smell is typical of the blossom flowers. It is pleasant and very cool.
It goes well Fresh cheeses For its marked acidity.
It is produced in Basilicata in the Metaponton area Full of citrus groves.
The company Serra del Prete has won numerous awards For its products, dominating between the best honey in Italy.
Even Pietro Civale is a nomadic beekeeper following the various blooms in Basilicata.



Basilicata, Metapontino


Honey of organic citrus fruit Serra del Prete

Where the arnias are put

In the citrusets of Scanzano Jonico



How to present

Clear, crystallized. Taste is fresh and goes well on tender cheeses