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Prova i nostri legumi

Organic honey on Vaccaro


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Organic honey on

Organic honey produced by the API by Francesco Vaccaro, a nomadic beekeeper who has decided to move his arnias where he finds the best blooms.
The flowering of the on the end of April and late May. It's a Very rustic plant having a Red. It recognizes itself with a naked eye because it is present in sprazzi in almost all the Lucan territories.
Honey produced is presented with a Straw light yellow. It is very delicate So much so that it can also be replaced by refined sugar. Also great on light and fresh cheeses so that its flavor does not cover the taste of cheese.



Basilicata from Nomadic Beekeeping


Organic honey on

How to present

Clear, light and with a delicate smell



How to use it

Instead of sugar, little invasive in terms of taste