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Prova i nostri legumi

Honey organic ancient earth


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Broven honey and organic dummy

Pietro we have known each other for many years and every year tries to find some "spots" different to him of him. The Arnie di Pietro have been inserted this time in a forest since the prevalence is that of Melata and Bramble. Not properly defined as a honey to nectar we can still define itMillefiori with an amber color, fragrant and with a strong taste.

The arnias are placed inside the Pollino National Park In the Municipality of Viggianello.

This organic honey can be combined with seasoned cheeses such as podolic caciocavallers.

Pietro Civale's company has conquered the 3 gold drops contest Biomiel



Basilicata, Viggianello


Honey ancient earth


Honey Millefiori to prevalence of Melata and Bramble



Gastronomic combination

Excellent with seasoned cheeses or breakfast

Did you know that

The company is a winner of numerous Biomiel competitions