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Rolled Lucan bacon


Rolled Lucan bacon

TherebaconIt is a salami that is obtained from the pig abdomen to those who have eliminated the cotenna and that is tanned with salt, pepper and other spices and then seasoned for over 90 days.
It is one of PAT products(Traditional agri-food products) Italians.
Piero and the collaborators used spices as The Senise IGP pepper And hollow salt.
The meat come from semi-crady state farms from one of the member of the Salumificio.
There are no preservatives, dyes, nitrites and nitrates.



Basilicata, Castelluccio Inferiore


Rolled Lucan bacon

Meat origin

Heads raised by a company member in Semibrada mode




Pork meat (trimming and selection of bactions), pepper of senise IGP and hollow salt

How to eat it

Excellent as sliced ​​and appetizer