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Prova i nostri legumi

Matera ViP 5kg bread


Matera PGI bread

Why is it so important?
Murgia is one of the most cereal areas of Italy. Here we cultivate ancient grains like the Hats, hard Lucan, Capiti and Appulo. It is precisely the required semolina of these grains to be the fundamental base for this bread. The yeast that derives from the maceration of fruit is then added. The brewer's yeast is also added to its high form.
The bread still carries the stamp to be recognized and has the classic croissant shape of the Trinity.
Inside the color is tending to yellow due to the use of durum wheat semolina.
There SHELF LIFE is 7 days If you are able to keep well.
Matera bread is a IGP product of Basilicata
It is cooked in a wood oven from one of the historic bakers, the one Cifarelli.



Basilicata, Matera


Matera PGI bread


The shipment starts directly from the oven of Matera


5 1kg panels


Durum wheat semolina, natural mother yeast, yeast, water, salt

How it resists

5-7 days from its production if preserved well