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Prova i nostri legumi

Pertically Corleto bread


Pertically Corleto bread

The bread is the most consumed bakery product but very few are the fornai that they manage to produce a High quality bread. All obviously part of the choice of durum wheat semolina and if you add that the yeast is that mother and cooking is made in a wood-fired oven then you can understand that we are talking about a bakery product by endangered.
Where do we take it and why?
We take it from Giovanni, second generation baker, to Corleto Perticara. The activity was born first as an oven for third parties and then become a commercial oven. Uses Rummied durum wheat semolina Lucane and Puglia, Mother yeast and wood-burning oven. The bread produced if well preserved can have one 10-day Shelf Life.

See also our video made on the bakery in question

N.B. The maximum affordable is 5 forms from 2kg for each order. If you want to buy more contact us via whatsapp.



Basilicata, Corleto Perticara


Durum wheat semolina bread

Grain origin

Granane and Puglia


1kg - 2kg


Rummied semolina of durum wheat, water, salt, natural refermented pasta

How long does it last

The bread if stored correctly can last up to 10-12 days

When we ship it

Monday to Wednesday

Corporate video