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Bread Focaccia Lucana


Bread focaccia shell

Bread shell or focaccia Depending on Basilicata is a bread produced with Durum wheat semolina, water and mother yeast. It has the characteristic of being crushed and have a hole in the center. We take it to Corleto Perschara da Giovanni, second generation baker. He uses an "old generation" wood oven.
The shipment takes place the same day of production.

N.B. The most affordable is 5 forms from 1kg for each order. If you want to buy more contact us via whatsapp.



Basilicata, Corleto Perticara


Bread focaccia tattered Lucana

Grain origin

Durum wheat semolina Lucane and Puglia




Rummied semolina of durum wheat, water, salt, natural refermented pasta