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Classic panettone Calciano


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Classic panettone Calciano

Product tricaric, on the Matera hill, the Fratelli Panettone for 5 years now is more and more talk about if and of the world of enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Produced exclusively with Mother yeast that is refreshed 4 times a day, this panettone is Lightweight, fragrant and super digestible. Raw materials chosen carefully make this panettone a must for your Christmas. Don't let it lose.

N.B. This is a reservation. Orders will start the first week of December



Basilicata, Tricarico


Classic panettone Calciano


Stone-mounted soft wheat flour, Normandy vaccine butter, sugar, fresh egg yolk, uvet jumbo chilean macerated rum in aged rum, orange rind (orange, glucose syrup, cane sugar), lemon peel IGP Sorrento , Natural yeast, acacia honey, salt, malt, Madagascar vanilla pods. No icing.



How to taste it

Keep it near a heat source for 20 minutes