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Pistachio panettone and wild strawberries


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Pistachio panettone and wild strawberries

Mother yeast refreshed 4 times a day, Property company pistachios Calciano, super sought after ingredients make this panettone without any kind of artificial preservative is one of our favorites.
The Pasticceria Calciano in the last 5 years has had an increase of attention from the public and critics in the demonstrations as "best leavened in Italy". One of their products has risen on the podium of Red shrimp Convincing the jury.
The leavening of their products exceeds by a 75-hour.

N.B. This is a reservation. Orders will start the first week of December



Basilicata, Tricarico


Pistachio panettone and wild strawberries


Stone-mounted soft wheat flour, Normandy vaccine butter, sugar, fresh egg yolk, pistachio cremino with pistachios of our production, wild strawberries, natural yeast, acacia honey, salt, malt, vanilla pods of Madagascar. Glaze: pure white chocolate, cocoa butter, pistachios of our production.



How to taste it

Keep it near a heat source for 20 minutes